Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Post

I suppose one has to start somewhere.

I've created a buildout to get started with gdata.py. I needed to hack the gdata.py package setup.py to use setuptools instead of disutils. Maybe later I'll find a different way to install gdata.py into the buildout but for now I've gone with unpacking the tar into my buildout directory and building the package as a develop egg.

I then created a new tfws.gdata package (for want of a better name) to start playing around with the gdata.py api. The tfws namespace is one under which I've been building python packages in the past (almost exclusively unfinished and unreleased zope work). The new tfws.gdata package today contains only a doctest to ensure that the packages have installed correctly by simple imports.

Then, thanks to wu, I found out why my macports installed python2.5 didn't have ssl or indeed readline support.

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